The Final Official Pin Design for the 2014 Glasgow Games

In September 2013 we launched the Design our Pin Competition for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, and all the schools on the island were eligible to participate in this competition.  It was intended from the start to use the winning pin design as our official pin for the 2014 Games.  Thirteen year old Carmel Gumbs from the Albena Lake Comprehensive School (Campus A) was declared the overall winner.


Final Boat Design PinIt was Carmel’s elegant design of sails blowing in the wind that won him first place, as the national sport of Anguilla is sailing, known to the locals as (boat racing).  As was mentioned in the previous article, the pin would undergo some changes which have now been completed.


You will notice that we kept the blowing in the wind effect and added a hull to turn the design into a boat.  We used our national colours orange, turquoise and white for shading in areas on the hull and the sails.


1 place - Carmel Gumbs Pin DesignThe original design has been posted for comparison.  Notice how we introduced the line between the sails on the final design to make them more prominent.


The exchange of pins among athletes at the Commonwealth  Games has been a long standing tradition, and collectors from all over the world are in pursuit of these pins.









Final Shield Design PinThe pins will be supplied by Kingdom Pins, based in Australia, who will also supply the official Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) pin.