Commonwealth Day in Anguilla 2015

Commonwealth Day is celebrated on the second Monday in the month of March and this year it was on the 9 March 2015.


The Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) introduced the Commonwealth Sports Day Plaque/Shield to the eight primary schools on the island for the first time in 2013 to encourage friendly rivalry and reward fair play in sports within the schools.


Each school is divided into different houses, and they compete against each other for Commonwealth Sports Day. The winning house will then be presented with the plaque/shield with their team name engraved on it.


Before Commonwealth Day an information session is held at each primary school by the President and the Administration Officer. Things discussed were: the role of the Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association; different countries of the Commonwealth; history of the Games (where the previous Games took place; where and when the next Games will be); type of sports played at the Games; Anguillian athletes who attended the Games in the past and the Commonwealth Youth Games which will be held this year in Samoa between 5–13 September 2015.


The ACGA received a banner from a primary school in the Gold Coast (where the 2018 Games will be held) depicting life in Australia and the upcoming Commonwealth Games, so we gave each school a challenge to come up with a design that depicts Anguilla and the Commonwealth Games. We left the decision with the schools on how the challenge will be carried out, eg individual designs or class designs, and for each school to choose the overall winning design themselves. Our President (Kenn Banks) will take the eight winning designs with him when he visits New Zealand this year for the General Assembly, where he will hand them over to the Australian official to distribute to the primary schools of his choice in the Gold Coast.


The Board members of the Association with the help of 2 athletes from the 2014 Games presented the winning houses with their shields this year.


• President (Kenn Banks) presented Central Christian and with cyclist (Sherwin Osborne) presented the Valley primary;


• Secretary General (Althea Hodge) and Administration Officer (Carmen Gumbs) presented Vivien Vanterpool and (Althea) presented Morris Vanterpool;


• Vice President (Cardigan Connor) presented Alwyn Allison and Adrian T Hazell;


• Ex Officio (Rollins Richardson) and cyclist (Sherwin Osborne) presented Omololu International and (Rollins) with long jumper (Rechelle Meade) presented Orealia Kelly.


The Vivien Vanterpool School held their flag raising ceremony on 10 February, which was also their presentation day. Present were members of the public and distinguished guests: The Honourable Othlyn Vanterpool (elected representative for District 1), Dr Ellis Lorenzo Webster (leader of the AUM party), Mrs Chanelle Petty Barrett (Permanent Secretary), Bishop Evan Brooks and members of the press.


The Anguillian Flag was raised first, and then Principal Mavis Fleming-Drakes opened the ceremony by welcoming and introducing her guest. Bishop Brooks then said a prayer and Mrs Chanelle Petty Barrett then gave a brief talk on the Commonwealth. The raising of the Commonwealth Flag took place to the beautiful voices of the children from the school singing ‘We Are The World’. Althea Hodge (Secretary General) of the ACGA, gave a quick talk and congratulated the whole school on their performance and presented the shield to a member of the winning team. The vote of thanks was then given by Deputy Principal Tiffany Thomas.


The ACGA representatives were truly honoured to be part of this uplifting ceremony and all the other presentation ceremonies as well, and we will continue to encourage and support our youth to excel in whatever they do in life.


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