OECS Cycling Championship & John T Memorial Cycling Race

Over the weekend the island came alive with great cycling action on Friday, 3 July, and Sunday, 5 July.


On Friday, the 2015 (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States) OECS Cycling Championship took place. Although this was a normal working day for most people, the islanders still managed to show their support by lining the streets in certain areas along the route and cheering on the cyclist. The route which was a circuit route of 8 laps around the Jeremiah Gumbs Highway/George Hill block, some 85km in hot and extremely windy conditions, proved taxing for many of the cyclists.


OECS Anguilla


There were 25 participating cyclists from Antigua, St. Vincent, Grenada, St. Lucia and the host island Anguilla.  However, the Antiguan cyclists proved they were not willing to let go of the title and ran away with it for the third year running, sweeping the top three positons for two years straight.  The results were:


1st Place – Andre Simon, Antigua

2nd Place – Jyme Bridges, Antigua

3rd Place – Joel Phillip, Antigua

4th Place – Orano Andrews, St. Vincent

5th Place – Marvin Spencer, Antigua

6th Place – Robert Marsh, Antigua

7th Place – Marlon Davis, Anguilla

8th Place – Lucky Antrobus, St. Vincent

9th Place – Danny Laud, Anguilla

10th Place – Benjamin Phillip, Anguilla



OECS Cycling Race Winners


On Sunday, the Valley came alive with the much anticipated annual John T. Memorial Cycling Race.  The race which is in its 16th year is held in honour of the late John Thomas, who contributed much of his time and finances to the development of cycling in Anguilla.


John T Memorial


There were some changes in the gruelling route which included the race going through Island Harbour and a decrease in the number of times up and down the Sandy Ground hill.


J T Mem Sandy Ground Hill Climb


With a route of approximately 133km for Elite, 91k for Juniors and 52k for masters, Cadets and Females; cyclists took to the streets just after 11:00am with short intervals between each category.   Antigua again proved to be a force to reckon with and secured many of the top positions.  The results for the different categories were:


Elite Category

1st Place – Jyme Bridges, Antigua

2nd Place – Andre Simon, Antigua

3rd Place – Russell Elcock, Barbados,

4th Place – Cammie Adams, St. Vincent

5th Place – Robert Marsh, Antigua

6th Place – Sherwin Osborne, Anguilla

7th Place – Jean Marie Poyo, St. Martin

8th Place – Patricio Blade Carty, St. Maarten

9th Place – Justin Hodge, Anguilla

10th Place – Zefal Bailey, St. Vincent



Female Category

1st Place – Susy Piscione

2nd Place – Lisbeth DeFalco

3rd Place – Sandra Gardner

4th Place – Murielle Lancien


Juniors Category (17-18 years)

1st Place – Romello Crawford, Guyana

2nd Place – Hasani Hennis, Anguilla

3rd Place – Joel Phillip, Antigua

4th Place – Wilfred Chittick, St. Maarten

5th Place – Melvin Madgeleine, Guadeloupe


Masters Category

1st Place – Winston Williams, St. Lucia

2nd Place – Ian Brooks, Anguilla

3rd Place – Junior Niles, Anguilla (last year’s winner)

4th Place – Timothy Richardson, Anguilla

5th Place – Charles Griffith, Anguilla


Cadets Category (15-16 years)

1st Place – Emmauel Gayral, Antigua

2nd Place – Xavi Brookes, Anguilla

3rd Place – Jamari Bryan, Anguilla (last year’s winner)

4th Place – Rashawnie Hendrickson, Anguilla

5th Place – Shaquan Hodge, Anguilla


Minimes Category (13-14 Years)

1st Place – Kianny Noel, ASM-SXM

2nd Place – Kenrick Cozier, ASM- SXM

3rd Place – Nicholas Carbon, Anguilla

4th Place – Jeremy Okiass, ASM-SXM


Benjamins Category (11-12 years)

1st Place – Cailan Fleming, Anguilla

2nd Place – Michel Lake, ASM-SXM

3rd Place – Kenny Carty, ASM-SXM

4th Place – Kai Ruan, Anguilla


Pupilles Category (9-10 Years)

1st Place- Jackeem Carty, ASM-SXM

2nd Place – Rolandio Lake, ASM-SXM

3rd Place – Justin Riley, Anguilla

4th Place – Grell Diclan, ASM-SXM


Poussins Category (Under 9)

1st Place – Demitri Niles, Anguilla

2nd Place – Kendj Gervais, ASM-SXM

3rd Place – Sharvin Narine, Anguilla

4th Place – Arvin Narine, Anguilla