Commonwealth Day


The Origin of the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield, presented by the Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association

CommonwealthCommonwealth Day takes place on the second Monday of March. It is celebrated in various ways across the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth Day celebrations in 2013 marked the start of a new tradition for the Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association. The eight primary schools on the island participate in a Commonwealth Sports Day as a part of each school’s Commonwealth Day celebration. This sports day is the only inner school sports competition that takes place. Each elementary school is divided into different colour houses; the colour houses compete for the title of House Champion.


On March 11, 2013, each primary school was given the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield, presented by the Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association. Each school will keep the award in their school. Starting in 2013 and for many years to come, the winning house will have their name engraved on the award.


Commonwealth Day Celebration Events


Before Commonwealth Day, each primary school receives an information session. During this time the children are provided with information related to the Commonwealth Games:

  • the history of the Games & the history of Anguilla at the Games,
  • the sports played in the Games & the leading sports in Anguilla,
  • the values of the Games and the Commonwealth Games Federation,
  • the role of the Anguilla Commonwealth Games Federation,
  • the athletes that have attended the Games in the past, and
  • upcoming events (upcoming Commonwealth and Commonwealth Youth Games, Queen Baton Relay and other programming).

The content of the information sessions are continually evolving.


Lastly, the children are encouraged to work hard, play fair and have fun on their sports day, to assist their House in achieving the title as House Champion so that they can see their House’s name engraved on the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield.


Commonwealth2After each school participates in their respective Commonwealth Sports on the day, they take part in an award ceremony; the winning house is presented with the Commonwealth Sports Day Shield.


Commonwealth Games athletes make a special guest star appearance to present the award to the winning House. During the award presentations the athletes speak about their

experience at the Games, the training required to prepare for the Games, and they leave the children with motivating and inspiring lessons for them to take away and apply to sport and more. The athletes also bring memorabilia from past Games.


Upcoming Events


In anticipation for Commonwealth Day each year, the Anguilla Commonwealth Games Association will keep you informed about upcoming events related to Commonwealth Day Celebrations!


2019 Commonwealth Day Celebration

March 11, 2019


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